Audio vs Video Round 2 Post

I think lately I’m preferring audio over video, mostly because video takes more time to view, and isn’t always as easily available as audio. Audio for home users has been around much longer then video, since the days of Vinyl records. Home video has only existed since the days of VHS, which has long since died. I do realize a ton of old movies are still only available on VHS and that’s alright. The same can be said for music that is in some cases still Vinyl only. I prefer to download music digitally, rather then worrying about whether or not a store has the CD in stock, and whether or not the disc gets messed up. I do own a few CDs from years ago, but I do not think I will be buying anymore of them. I say the same thing about DVDs. With the advent of Blu-Ray there is no real reason to buy DVDs anymore, when the Blu-Ray is usually only 5 or 10$ more. I only typically buy DVDs or Blu-Rays if I want to watch a full series of something, or know the full series is going to have a lot of replay value. 2 examples come to mind of Video I have bought in the past, Family Guy and Futurama, both were worth it. 20$ a season for Family Guy typically, 20-30$ for Futurama depending on the season. You could compare the 20$ price tag of 1 season to the price of a digital iTunes album also. I usually buy albums for only 12.99$ or less, or at most 1$ per song on an album. Example: If an album has 24 songs, then I’m more inclined to pay more for that album, up to 24$, rather then say an album with 12 songs for the same price. I find the best deals are usually on soundtracks and EPs.


Audio vs Video and why I combine both.

There are a lot of cases where I either can’t get satisfied by sheer video, or cannot get satisfied with pure audio. It seems like the best thing to do is generally to combine both audio and video, and in some cases make them interactive. There are times when I’ll watch a movie, or times when I’ll just listen to music. I think movies are my best source of stimulation because it combines both the audio and video aspects of my interests. There are of course pros to simply listening to audio without any form of video stimuli. For example if you want to use your imagination to see something in your mind you need to not have any sort of video in front of you, or, if you have video in front of you it needs to be something inspiring, and related to what you are hearing. As far as video goes, sometimes you want to imagine the audio yourself, while watching a video, and at times, you may not have proper audio to something. There are alot of movies that come subtitled, whether its in French, Japanese, German, or more commonly Spanish(Espanol). Sometimes the movie is terrible when English dubbed audio is placed over the original Japanese audio, sometimes English audio simply isn’t available. It’s usually easiest for a person to mute the video, in the case of Japanese anime, if they don’t understand the spoken Japanese dialogue, and it offers no English audio. So you can then watch the video in silence, while watching the video and recieving purely video stimuli.

Blog of the Honorable Warrior

Alright, so, hanging out in class, checking out various things, humor, art, animation. I plan to keep up with my groups wikispace as the main creator and leader. I’ve always had a taste in arts and animation, and I think it’s a crying shame to see the art of hand drawn animation dying out the way it is. I think about how few people still do it, outside of myself, and realize that I may never meet any of those awesome artists that I look up to or learn from. I can only hope that maybe someday before some of the few left that I might be able to meet some of them. Lately I’ve been watching alot of Hayao Miyazakis classic anime films, because they were not previously available on DVD until the recent years. These movies have reminded me of just how different hand drawn animation is from modern animation. I really wish it wasn’t a dying art form. I wish there was some way to save hand drawn art from dying off into extinction. Maybe as long as people like me exist, people who desire it, and attempt to attain it, maybe at least then there will be some of us. I think once someone once said if you want to preservesomething, to become that which preserves it. For example, to preserve hand drawn art, in my own way, I plan to continue to draw with my hands rather then with computer programs. I do realize that it may not get me anywhere professionally, but it is still a hobby, and something I feel shouldn’t be let go of.

Professional Level Blogging

I’m fairly sure that the purpose being Professional Web Blogging is not only to make money, but to make it while doing something of personal interest to you, or possible the group involved in the blog if it is being managed by more then one individual. You always want to pick a subject you know is continuous, that isn’t going to completely stand still, such as movies, games, sports, business, or the internet. You want to pick an active subject, and I have my idea for topics I’d like to do personally, or as a group, and reasons behind them.

Professional Blogging as it stands does not effect me on a very personal level, but it does seem like it is something I could possibly look into and make a small amount of money off of. I believe that it could also help share my interests with other people, and perhaps make friends and be seen a bit out there on the web. One of the purposes that is of interest to me is being able to share my interests, and keep up with them, on a social level, with other people reading and seeing what I have to say, such as movie reviews, game reviews, or even music reviews.

I think that in the interest of making small amounts of money over a large course of time, blogging professionally can resort in a source of income, even if at first there is no personal gain. Most of the tools appear to be free to use, and easy to work with, nothing really appears to be too complicated. It seems like an average person with a job to handle 15-20 minutes on the side would be able to keep up with their blog and make a few bucks here and there. It sounds like something that would be nice for me, and thus I consider it something that effects me personally.

My three Professional Blogging Links/Sources are below:
Students I commented on:

RSS and its function as a syndication agent for the web

From what I’ve gathered the main purpose of RSS feeds it so make it easier to search for things while on the web, without having to put in too much information. The tags and feeds that exist that are made with RSS seem to exist mostly for the purpose of keeping people up to date on whatever is going on within that topic on the web. If you take and look at Podcasts, they are actually a fairly new thing that happens to be picking up steam. Podcasts are something that from my personal experience I noticed people starting to pay attention to around 2008 and 2009. I know they existed a bit before that, but that’s when most of my friends or associates appeared to hop on the let’s all watch Podcasts bandwagon. I myself have honestly not ever paid Podcasts much attention. I realize I’m going to have to get use to using them for this course however, and in my actual career field they will play a large importance with keeping things up to date. I would imagine most people who work for any given business have multiple subscriptions to RSS feeds. I do believe that RSS feeds will effect me substantially in the near future, as it is a developing form of social media, that many many users use to connect to one another. I really hope that other people can see the way RSS effects everyone, especially considering how easily it allows people to be networked together, by seeing the other persons feeds.

What is a Personal Learning Environment?

A Personal Learning Environment appears to be any sort of environment that the student feels the most comfortable in. The student immerses themselves in their own sights and sounds and whatever helps them, essentially study the best. It seems to me that a PLE is directly related to a students ability to learn. The better a PLE the student has made for themselves the easier it is for them to learn what they need to learn, regardless of which subject they are studying. A student might for example, use music when studying Art History, or perhaps Video when studying for Photography. The student has the control over this environment, including down to the fundamentals, such as what they do to enhance the process, and what they choose to and choose not to eliminate from their agenda. So for example a student listening to music while working distracts them from doing their homework, well, it’s that students job to fix their Personal Learning Environment and turn off the music that is harming their work process. The good thing about PLEs is that they give the control not to the teacher, but to the student. Ten years ago PLEs didn’t really exist as teachers were the ones who taught everything, and students had many problems learning properly. Every student has a different environment they are comfortable in, and some are only comfortable on their own, alone, studying intensely. Some students love the library, some students love Google, Yahoo, or other search engines, and hey, good for them. It’s all about making sure your environment is correct as the student.

This is a list of some bands I listen to on a regular or semi regular basis.

My two favorite bands both fall into the electronica Genre, the first and foremost being Daft Punk, the pioneers of Electronica and Techno, before it even existed, they made it happen. The second band is one I found out about through a friend Skrillex, they are pretty new and I got their Album earlier this month. I’m going to list a few more as I go.

Infected Mushroom Vicious Delicious

Papa Roach


Nirvana Nevermind



Justin Timberlake

OverClocked Remixes also known as OCRs

Some, but not all Dubstep, dubstep is a recent thing and I’ve heard both really good and really bad ones. Skrillex is one band that does good dubsteps.

Tron Legacy Soundtrack: This is an Album by Daft Punk that was done for the movie. I almost bought it but went for the more Electronica sounding Reconfigured as seen below.

Tron Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D.(Yes that is how it is spelt on the album cover.) This is an album I had heard for a few months that I finally decided I liked enough to buy.

Daft Punk Alive 2007

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Gackt (Gackt is  a japanese multitalented artist with some beautiful songs.)

Dimmu Borgir



Richard Cheese

Occasionally I’ll listen to one or two boy bands, because I know songs by them, but not often, the two that come to mind are below.

30 Seconds to Mars

All Time Low

Bruno Mars

There are too many remix artists for me to name, so for now this is the end of line.(Tron Reference to terminating the signal)