Audio Video Regulation

I’m still making time to keep up with both my Audio and my Video, as lately I’ve spent a ton of it keeping friends out of quarrels I find myself at a loss for time to spend on either. I managed to sit down yesterday and listen to 2 MP3s before my friends came over and put a halt to that. Alright, so it’s a little hard to decide which is more important for me, due to the lack of time for both, however I think if I had to pick between the two, say through a bad series of unfortunate events such as losing my eyesight or hearing, I’d prefer the loss of video/my eyesight. I’ve always viewed music and audio as an art form, and also attempt to do the same for all things video related as well. I did make time to watch 3 22 minute episodes of a TV series that I’m almost finished with. I do not have the extra time to sit back and use my Netflix for movies, so I look for things short on time or casual. Finals have of course also been hampering my time, but I hope to be able to make a few more posts to at least get the minimum of 6 posts taken care of. I do love both audio and video, and am thankful, even for the small times I am able to enjoy one or the other. I did buy a few games this month, which is related to this topic because they contain both Audio and Video, and one was even bought mostly for the Audio, with extra downloadable tracks available that I’m simply not purchasing at the present time.