My Final Audio Video Blogpost

I’ve done my best to make sure every post I do related to this topic is at least 250 words as I believe anything less wouldn’t be informative enough. I am being very personal with my experiences and opinions and that that may not apply to other people reading this, hoever, it is meant to be a personal topic of my choice done the way I feel best represents my opinions on the subject matter, and as such, I believe that I have done fine.

Onto the topic at hand, as this is my final post for my personal topic it’s not going to be as informative or opinionated as the rest. I had some ideas before I got on this site of what I wanted to say, but honestly, forgot them while researching Web 2.0 topics. I enjoyed doing this personal blog about the various differences and reasons a person might prefer audio or video over the other. I do wish I had felt more inclined to the video side of things, to be more informative with it, as I feel that I had more information on the audio side of things due to my habits of listening to, recording, or singing audio. I can’t say I do those things as often for video sources. I do love both, and I do love good Videos, not just audio. I’m not an audiophile in the way a person might be led to believe, but hey, whatever. I enjoyed doing this topic and look forward to the positive responses it may generate. Who knows, maybe even after this class is over I may end up coming up with something new on this subject.


Audio Video Recognition

At some point there comes a time when you decide to realize which is more important to you, whether it be because of the time you have, or because of the pressure you are under, it matters not. Sometimes a choice must be made, and considering we are nearing the end of this personal log I feel that I must make a choice between Audio and Video. On the Video side I know I can enjoy Video without Audio as I’ve seen silent films before in the past and imagined what the actors might sound like, however, on the Audio side, I realize I enjoy all forms of it, even storytelling audiobooks and things of that nature, more then silent films, as I then imagine what the scenery might look like, while hearing the descriptive narration involved. In the end I do believe I’d have to go with Audio, as I had thought I might from the start. Audio seems to me to have more to offer then Video. You can almost always imagine the Video that any Audio might have placed to it. Look at the way Music Videos are done these days. Almost any good audio file gains a corresponding music video eventually, so long as it passes it’s licensing issues. Not all of the videos stand up to the song, yet in some cases the videos make the songs even better. One song that comes to mind is Modest Mouses Dashboard video. I think without the Video I wouldn’t be enjoying the song or finding it nearly as humorous. Final post to come tomorrow.

How’s it going out there?

I’m quite the creative artist, I typically will be seen drawing anime styled characters, or realistic portraits in my notebook in my spare time. I prefer to be creative over being lax. My artistic abilities span different genres of course. I still write lyrics from time to time, typically my lyrics would probably suit either rock or Hip Hop. The closest I came to nailing a recording contract was actually pretty close, but that’s a story for another day. I thank you for visiting my page, and getting to know just a bit more about me.

Here is a bit of me freestyling.

Another day, another place, another time, another face

somewhere different, somewhere obscene, someone else is perfectly clean

they think they’re clean but no their not, for in their heart, there lies a clot

a hole so deep it can’t be found, their soul makes not a single sound

they clean and scrub, among the tub, rub, rub, rub

the stain, will never come out, for the stain upon, is a hole within their heart.

I hope you enjoyed this small, mildly dark poem, it was fun to create it, in the middle of class.