My Final Audio Video Blogpost

I’ve done my best to make sure every post I do related to this topic is at least 250 words as I believe anything less wouldn’t be informative enough. I am being very personal with my experiences and opinions and that that may not apply to other people reading this, hoever, it is meant to be a personal topic of my choice done the way I feel best represents my opinions on the subject matter, and as such, I believe that I have done fine.

Onto the topic at hand, as this is my final post for my personal topic it’s not going to be as informative or opinionated as the rest. I had some ideas before I got on this site of what I wanted to say, but honestly, forgot them while researching Web 2.0 topics. I enjoyed doing this personal blog about the various differences and reasons a person might prefer audio or video over the other. I do wish I had felt more inclined to the video side of things, to be more informative with it, as I feel that I had more information on the audio side of things due to my habits of listening to, recording, or singing audio. I can’t say I do those things as often for video sources. I do love both, and I do love good Videos, not just audio. I’m not an audiophile in the way a person might be led to believe, but hey, whatever. I enjoyed doing this topic and look forward to the positive responses it may generate. Who knows, maybe even after this class is over I may end up coming up with something new on this subject.


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