Audio vs Video Round 3… Fight!

Lately I’ve been noticing that I spend less time on Audio and more on video, yet at the same time I know conciously that I’m going through what you could call Audio Withdrawal, due to my busy college schedule and lack of time to sit down and simply enjoy Audio by itself without the video stimuli. I haven’t really had the time to enjoy Video either as Homework and School for the most part have consumed my time, outside of the normal human things such as eating and sleeping, which are unrelated. I still once in awhile manage to get in some Audio+Video stimuli in the form of Xbox Video Games, for around 1-3 hours depending on the day. I realize that it’s my personal choice to not spend those hours strictly on music or strictly on video however, I believe if i were to divide the the time up between the two, I would end up unsatisfied in both categories rather then only unsatisfied in the Audio category. I feel I’m getting enough Video stimulus but not enough Audio, however, I attempt to make up for that by singing or humming to myself on the way to and from school. I use to always use my PSP as an MP3 player to listen to my music on the way to school, but I’ve begun to realize that that damages my focus, or rather the ability to hone in on the specific subject I attend once I get to school and take the class. By simply singing or humming to myself i find it easier to stop focusing on the audio that I come up with and focus on the subject at hand, whereas when I listened to my MP3s on the way to school I would get the music stuck in my head sometimes in the middle of class. I now bring my psp mostly to play a casual game between breaks. The PSP isn’t used so much for video stimuli, not to the same lengths that I use the 360 for, and I use neither lately for my Audio. When I need my Audio fix I might just sit back on my computer, if I get the time, 2 hours minimum usually, to kick back and relax. I don’t get that kind of time often so when I do get a day off from school, that I’m not spending catching up to my friends on whatever game they might be playing, I take the time to relax, soak in the music and sounds, and just chill with a snack. I can’t say which is really more important, audio or video yet, as both are pretty important to me, and it really is best to get both if possible. Sometimes whether you get both is dependant on the quality of the audio or video given.

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