Designing for the Mobile Web

In reading around the sites and seeing what Mobile Web Design consists of I’ve begun to realize that it’s a bit more complicated then it seems at first glance. I know coding for things can be pretty complicated, but I think once I understand the given code of a page or project, the basics in other words, I’ll get the hang of how and what I need to put on a Mobile XHTML Web Page versus what I would put on a standard HTML page. Android is easily looking to become the most popular Mobile Web platform/Operating System and as such if I were to pick one to develop a page for I would most certainly look up the coding for it, as well as the coding for IPhone browsers. I personally find Googles browsers easier to use then Macs and PCs, I even prefer Google Chrome over Firefox most of the time. I also have a mild interest in the Opera browser as I have always wanted to see it evolve into something more. I used Opera when it was in Beta and didn’t like it as much as Google Chrome, but it was still better then Internet Explorer. I think the main tools I will need are patience and knowledge, knowledge of the coding and patience in writing an informative page that can both be displayed on the Mobile Web and patience in making a seperate page for the PC users, so as not to over inform or alleviate one user or another and make them feel like they are simply getting the same information twice. Personally i can’t stand overly simplified mobile web sites, with no audio, video, or some sort of flash. Sites like Youtube Mobile are nice, and Facebook, while sites like Wal-Mart an Best-Buy, Traget, etc, those kinds of stores Mobile sites tend to attract me on a far lesser scale.


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