Audio vs Video Round 2 Post

I think lately I’m preferring audio over video, mostly because video takes more time to view, and isn’t always as easily available as audio. Audio for home users has been around much longer then video, since the days of Vinyl records. Home video has only existed since the days of VHS, which has long since died. I do realize a ton of old movies are still only available on VHS and that’s alright. The same can be said for music that is in some cases still Vinyl only. I prefer to download music digitally, rather then worrying about whether or not a store has the CD in stock, and whether or not the disc gets messed up. I do own a few CDs from years ago, but I do not think I will be buying anymore of them. I say the same thing about DVDs. With the advent of Blu-Ray there is no real reason to buy DVDs anymore, when the Blu-Ray is usually only 5 or 10$ more. I only typically buy DVDs or Blu-Rays if I want to watch a full series of something, or know the full series is going to have a lot of replay value. 2 examples come to mind of Video I have bought in the past, Family Guy and Futurama, both were worth it. 20$ a season for Family Guy typically, 20-30$ for Futurama depending on the season. You could compare the 20$ price tag of 1 season to the price of a digital iTunes album also. I usually buy albums for only 12.99$ or less, or at most 1$ per song on an album. Example: If an album has 24 songs, then I’m more inclined to pay more for that album, up to 24$, rather then say an album with 12 songs for the same price. I find the best deals are usually on soundtracks and EPs.

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2 comments on “Audio vs Video Round 2 Post

  1. nundito says:

    and the pricing is why i just get the combo packs at wally world. i protect the blue ray while the kids venture off with the dvd, and when we travel, the digital copy is on the i-pod lol.

  2. Lord Behrs says:

    I know what you mean, I just don’t see a point in paying 20$ for a movie you are only going to watch once, that you can pay 4$ to see in the theater, or pay around 20$ for a full month of Blockbuster or Netflix rentals, getting way more for your money that way. As far as seasons of shows go, those are usually worth 20-40$ to me, depending on the rarity and age of the show and the amount of episodes contained. I don’t mind paying 20$ for 13 Episodes of a show or 40$ for 40 for 50 episodes of a show. Some shows get released as “The Complete Collection” which usually has around 30-50 episodes depending on the series, and is usually 30-50$. DVDs are priced pretty affordably in that sense, compared to music albums, however, in the case of music albums it’s something you know beforehand you are going to listen to over and over, while a movie you are trypically only going to watch a max of 3 times if it is really good, once by yourself, once with your friends, and perhaps the third time being with family if it is really nice.

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