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Alright, so, hanging out in class, checking out various things, humor, art, animation. I plan to keep up with my groups wikispace as the main creator and leader. I’ve always had a taste in arts and animation, and I think it’s a crying shame to see the art of hand drawn animation dying out the way it is. I think about how few people still do it, outside of myself, and realize that I may never meet any of those awesome artists that I look up to or learn from. I can only hope that maybe someday before some of the few left that I might be able to meet some of them. Lately I’ve been watching alot of Hayao Miyazakis classic anime films, because they were not previously available on DVD until the recent years. These movies have reminded me of just how different hand drawn animation is from modern animation. I really wish it wasn’t a dying art form. I wish there was some way to save hand drawn art from dying off into extinction. Maybe as long as people like me exist, people who desire it, and attempt to attain it, maybe at least then there will be some of us. I think once someone once said if you want to preservesomething, to become that which preserves it. For example, to preserve hand drawn art, in my own way, I plan to continue to draw with my hands rather then with computer programs. I do realize that it may not get me anywhere professionally, but it is still a hobby, and something I feel shouldn’t be let go of.

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