Audio vs Video and why I combine both.

There are a lot of cases where I either can’t get satisfied by sheer video, or cannot get satisfied with pure audio. It seems like the best thing to do is generally to combine both audio and video, and in some cases make them interactive. There are times when I’ll watch a movie, or times when I’ll just listen to music. I think movies are my best source of stimulation because it combines both the audio and video aspects of my interests. There are of course pros to simply listening to audio without any form of video stimuli. For example if you want to use your imagination to see something in your mind you need to not have any sort of video in front of you, or, if you have video in front of you it needs to be something inspiring, and related to what you are hearing. As far as video goes, sometimes you want to imagine the audio yourself, while watching a video, and at times, you may not have proper audio to something. There are alot of movies that come subtitled, whether its in French, Japanese, German, or more commonly Spanish(Espanol). Sometimes the movie is terrible when English dubbed audio is placed over the original Japanese audio, sometimes English audio simply isn’t available. It’s usually easiest for a person to mute the video, in the case of Japanese anime, if they don’t understand the spoken Japanese dialogue, and it offers no English audio. So you can then watch the video in silence, while watching the video and recieving purely video stimuli.

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2 comments on “Audio vs Video and why I combine both.

  1. kilahn says:

    Can’t say I agree with your view of muting a Japanese anime. Or anything that isn’t English dubbed for that matter. Whether you understand the words or not, inflections in the voices can tell you more about what’s going on than even most of the action. Or rather it gives you a reason for the action to be taking place. While I agree there are places where you prefer audio to video, I don’t truly think you can have video without audio. It just doesn’t make an impact on its own. That’s mostly a personal observation, but I have to say I am fascinated by your choice of topic and look forward to reading this from week to week.

    • Lord Behrs says:

      I think it depends on the way it’s created. From personal experience I can tell you some of my friends can’t stand the japanese audio within a japanese anime and at times, will take my advice and simply mute the video and continue watching it. The same also applies for some of my friends who prefer the original japanese audio over the english dubbed versions of animes since they are typically more censored then their japanese counterparts. I’ve been into anime since the days of Sailor Moon, Gundam, Dragonball(not Z) and Ronin Warriors. Anime never started as the “cool thing to do” I watched it because it was different from the normal average cartoons of it’s time such as TMNT and BotsMasters. I have to say that had those shows not had audio I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed them as much as a kid, however, I must also say that the Dragonball and Ronin Warriors series had pretty annoying japanese voice actors. I share and understand your point, of why animations would not be as good without audio.

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