Professional Level Blogging

I’m fairly sure that the purpose being Professional Web Blogging is not only to make money, but to make it while doing something of personal interest to you, or possible the group involved in the blog if it is being managed by more then one individual. You always want to pick a subject you know is continuous, that isn’t going to completely stand still, such as movies, games, sports, business, or the internet. You want to pick an active subject, and I have my idea for topics I’d like to do personally, or as a group, and reasons behind them.

Professional Blogging as it stands does not effect me on a very personal level, but it does seem like it is something I could possibly look into and make a small amount of money off of. I believe that it could also help share my interests with other people, and perhaps make friends and be seen a bit out there on the web. One of the purposes that is of interest to me is being able to share my interests, and keep up with them, on a social level, with other people reading and seeing what I have to say, such as movie reviews, game reviews, or even music reviews.

I think that in the interest of making small amounts of money over a large course of time, blogging professionally can resort in a source of income, even if at first there is no personal gain. Most of the tools appear to be free to use, and easy to work with, nothing really appears to be too complicated. It seems like an average person with a job to handle 15-20 minutes on the side would be able to keep up with their blog and make a few bucks here and there. It sounds like something that would be nice for me, and thus I consider it something that effects me personally.

My three Professional Blogging Links/Sources are below:
Students I commented on:
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3 comments on “Professional Level Blogging

  1. nundito says:

    Jon, I am at work right now doing research and googled professional level blogging it gave me a link to this article. How cool is that? I read it already on the phone, but I found pretty cool because you are contributing to the whole digital society we are learning about.
    As for you article, I agree at the moment it doesn’t affect me either. The more and more we do these then I see the outcome of learning to do them. It definitely has potential for those with time to spare in the long run.

  2. Greenganon says:

    That is a good point, it should be something you enjoy doing.

  3. kilahn says:

    I agree that there is benefit in learning all this and that at the moment blogging doesn’t effect me personally at the moment either. Ultimately though, it does sound like a good way to earn extra money. But how many of us think we could make a career on it?

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