What is a Personal Learning Environment?

A Personal Learning Environment appears to be any sort of environment that the student feels the most comfortable in. The student immerses themselves in their own sights and sounds and whatever helps them, essentially study the best. It seems to me that a PLE is directly related to a students ability to learn. The better a PLE the student has made for themselves the easier it is for them to learn what they need to learn, regardless of which subject they are studying. A student might for example, use music when studying Art History, or perhaps Video when studying for Photography. The student has the control over this environment, including down to the fundamentals, such as what they do to enhance the process, and what they choose to and choose not to eliminate from their agenda. So for example a student listening to music while working distracts them from doing their homework, well, it’s that students job to fix their Personal Learning Environment and turn off the music that is harming their work process. The good thing about PLEs is that they give the control not to the teacher, but to the student. Ten years ago PLEs didn’t really exist as teachers were the ones who taught everything, and students had many problems learning properly. Every student has a different environment they are comfortable in, and some are only comfortable on their own, alone, studying intensely. Some students love the library, some students love Google, Yahoo, or other search engines, and hey, good for them. It’s all about making sure your environment is correct as the student.




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