RSS and its function as a syndication agent for the web

From what I’ve gathered the main purpose of RSS feeds it so make it easier to search for things while on the web, without having to put in too much information. The tags and feeds that exist that are made with RSS seem to exist mostly for the purpose of keeping people up to date on whatever is going on within that topic on the web. If you take and look at Podcasts, they are actually a fairly new thing that happens to be picking up steam. Podcasts are something that from my personal experience I noticed people starting to pay attention to around 2008 and 2009. I know they existed a bit before that, but that’s when most of my friends or associates appeared to hop on the let’s all watch Podcasts bandwagon. I myself have honestly not ever paid Podcasts much attention. I realize I’m going to have to get use to using them for this course however, and in my actual career field they will play a large importance with keeping things up to date. I would imagine most people who work for any given business have multiple subscriptions to RSS feeds. I do believe that RSS feeds will effect me substantially in the near future, as it is a developing form of social media, that many many users use to connect to one another. I really hope that other people can see the way RSS effects everyone, especially considering how easily it allows people to be networked together, by seeing the other persons feeds.

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One comment on “RSS and its function as a syndication agent for the web

  1. nundito says:

    Enjoyed this one. Surely it show I still have a lot to read on this subject. Hopefully I will be able to grasp it the way you have. I do agree the more I hear the new terms we learn in this class, it seems more and more people have been using them for a while. I guess it’s like the old saying goes “An average man will see what is going on in front of him, an educated man sees the changes happening all around him.”

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