What is Interactive Media?

Interactive Media is basically the culmination of mixing media, with the ability to interact with the object or material in question. Traditionally both the user and the machine involved in interaction between one another play a equal role within the media in question. I would like to note that Interactive Media is also not restricted to strictly digital, neither electronical media.  Interactive media in fact is any type of interaction between a user and a form or medium. You may for example have an xbox360 and a user not even playing the game on the screen, but yet anyone else in the room may be interacting with the people who may or not be playing the game, the people who are playing the game would be considered the ones interacting with the media, while the people around the others would be considered as people interacting with the players, not the media. I’m going to touch back on the player who would be playing the game for a moment. Let us say the player presses one of the Trigger buttons, to fire his gun, is that not interaction? I believe it is, indeed it is, as it forces the character to make an action by the player pressing a button. I’m going to wrap this up by saying that Interactive media has many forms, and has existed for a good bit of time now. The media in the past wasn’t quite as interactive, indeed with the modern inventions of things like the web, the internet, macbooks, and things of that nature, we as a society will continue to find new and improved ways to involve in the way and types of interactive media that we use.




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