How’s it going out there?

I’m quite the creative artist, I typically will be seen drawing anime styled characters, or realistic portraits in my notebook in my spare time. I prefer to be creative over being lax. My artistic abilities span different genres of course. I still write lyrics from time to time, typically my lyrics would probably suit either rock or Hip Hop. The closest I came to nailing a recording contract was actually pretty close, but that’s a story for another day. I thank you for visiting my page, and getting to know just a bit more about me.

Here is a bit of me freestyling.

Another day, another place, another time, another face

somewhere different, somewhere obscene, someone else is perfectly clean

they think they’re clean but no their not, for in their heart, there lies a clot

a hole so deep it can’t be found, their soul makes not a single sound

they clean and scrub, among the tub, rub, rub, rub

the stain, will never come out, for the stain upon, is a hole within their heart.

I hope you enjoyed this small, mildly dark poem, it was fun to create it, in the middle of class.


4 comments on “How’s it going out there?

  1. supremehero says:

    Drawing anime some time can be hard or really fun depeding on what you are drawing I know I have a hard time drawing it. I’m betting it would have been nice to get that recording contract.

    • jonbehrs says:

      It would’ve been nice, it’s the third time I’ve missed out on one. One of the three times it was by my choice, because I knew at that time I wasn’t ready. The other time I was going to replace my friend in his band when he left the band, he was signed onto Science Records. I don’t remember his bands name, but yea he ended up getting jealous of my voice and decided not to forward my recordings to the producer, so nothing became of that one. I decided to focus on Art Based on the fact that it’s my secondary talent, with my voice being my personal favorite talent, and the inability it seems to get somewhere with my voice led me to pursue an Art Career instead. The third time I lost out because of lack of material. I was at a point in my life where the person I was dating brought me down too much, to the point where I couldn’t write, and so the Producer said either come up with some original music or beat it basically. I still tried to come up with stuff though, but my best stuff ended up of course being wrote after her and I went our seperate ways and I was able to be myself with my music.

      • supremehero says:

        Like some people say third time is the crhem but in that way it wasn’t an for your so called friend I would just tell him to get over it just because your better.

  2. jonbehrs says:

    Yea, I know, I use to sing for him and his sister, as well as one of my long distance friends, and my ex. I think the most common requests I get are Frank Sinatra and bands like Seether and Shinedown. I always do well eventually, even if the song is in something like say japanese, I’ll practice it until I get it perfect. Art was always my hobby, while singing was what I imagined I would do as my actual Career someday, it just hasn’t panned out yet. I thought it was interesting that there were others in the class that had an interest in a music related field. My vocal range is somewhat limitless, I’ve also sang plenty of Usher, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz. If I set myself to it I can pretty much sing anything, and I love that about myself. I only get nervous when I go to record for fangirls, haha.

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