This is a list of some bands I listen to on a regular or semi regular basis.

My two favorite bands both fall into the electronica Genre, the first and foremost being Daft Punk, the pioneers of Electronica and Techno, before it even existed, they made it happen. The second band is one I found out about through a friend Skrillex, they are pretty new and I got their Album earlier this month. I’m going to list a few more as I go.

Infected Mushroom Vicious Delicious

Papa Roach


Nirvana Nevermind



Justin Timberlake

OverClocked Remixes also known as OCRs

Some, but not all Dubstep, dubstep is a recent thing and I’ve heard both really good and really bad ones. Skrillex is one band that does good dubsteps.

Tron Legacy Soundtrack: This is an Album by Daft Punk that was done for the movie. I almost bought it but went for the more Electronica sounding Reconfigured as seen below.

Tron Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D.(Yes that is how it is spelt on the album cover.) This is an album I had heard for a few months that I finally decided I liked enough to buy.

Daft Punk Alive 2007

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Gackt (Gackt is  a japanese multitalented artist with some beautiful songs.)

Dimmu Borgir



Richard Cheese

Occasionally I’ll listen to one or two boy bands, because I know songs by them, but not often, the two that come to mind are below.

30 Seconds to Mars

All Time Low

Bruno Mars

There are too many remix artists for me to name, so for now this is the end of line.(Tron Reference to terminating the signal)

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5 comments on “This is a list of some bands I listen to on a regular or semi regular basis.

  1. heyysleepyy says:

    Skrillex: aka. Sonny moore.
    Skrillex is Legit. He is a amazing producer. Now Dj on the other hand i was not impressed when i saw him in February. if you ever want some good dubstep hit me up! Dubstep is what i Live for.

    • jonbehrs says:

      Yep, I actually knew about Sonny Moore from when he did an Album with the band Lights, and from him being in First to Last. I actually didn’t know he was the main guy from Skrillex at first until after I bought the album. I haven’t bought the new Skrillex album because it seems like 7 out of 9 of their songs are the same song, remixed.There is another album you might like by a band called Blaq Audio. The album by Blaq Audio is called Sex Cells. It’s some guys from AFI who went off to do their on thing, including of course Davey Havok, it’s an interesting album. There are alot of good artists out there, one of which is Robin Skouteris, you might get inspired by his stuff.

  2. wdimcbtaylor says:

    dude right? tron soundtrack was amazing! i actually have yet to see the movie

  3. Greenganon says:

    Daft Punk is among my favorites in the genre. Very good stuff. Have you seen their movie, Interstella 5555?

    • jonbehrs says:

      I have. I enjoyed the movie. They should do some more animated videos someday, those were really good, and ended up being sponsored by Funimation.

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