My Final Audio Video Blogpost

I’ve done my best to make sure every post I do related to this topic is at least 250 words as I believe anything less wouldn’t be informative enough. I am being very personal with my experiences and opinions and that that may not apply to other people reading this, hoever, it is meant to be a personal topic of my choice done the way I feel best represents my opinions on the subject matter, and as such, I believe that I have done fine.

Onto the topic at hand, as this is my final post for my personal topic it’s not going to be as informative or opinionated as the rest. I had some ideas before I got on this site of what I wanted to say, but honestly, forgot them while researching Web 2.0 topics. I enjoyed doing this personal blog about the various differences and reasons a person might prefer audio or video over the other. I do wish I had felt more inclined to the video side of things, to be more informative with it, as I feel that I had more information on the audio side of things due to my habits of listening to, recording, or singing audio. I can’t say I do those things as often for video sources. I do love both, and I do love good Videos, not just audio. I’m not an audiophile in the way a person might be led to believe, but hey, whatever. I enjoyed doing this topic and look forward to the positive responses it may generate. Who knows, maybe even after this class is over I may end up coming up with something new on this subject.


Audio Video Recognition

At some point there comes a time when you decide to realize which is more important to you, whether it be because of the time you have, or because of the pressure you are under, it matters not. Sometimes a choice must be made, and considering we are nearing the end of this personal log I feel that I must make a choice between Audio and Video. On the Video side I know I can enjoy Video without Audio as I’ve seen silent films before in the past and imagined what the actors might sound like, however, on the Audio side, I realize I enjoy all forms of it, even storytelling audiobooks and things of that nature, more then silent films, as I then imagine what the scenery might look like, while hearing the descriptive narration involved. In the end I do believe I’d have to go with Audio, as I had thought I might from the start. Audio seems to me to have more to offer then Video. You can almost always imagine the Video that any Audio might have placed to it. Look at the way Music Videos are done these days. Almost any good audio file gains a corresponding music video eventually, so long as it passes it’s licensing issues. Not all of the videos stand up to the song, yet in some cases the videos make the songs even better. One song that comes to mind is Modest Mouses Dashboard video. I think without the Video I wouldn’t be enjoying the song or finding it nearly as humorous. Final post to come tomorrow.

Audio Video Regulation

I’m still making time to keep up with both my Audio and my Video, as lately I’ve spent a ton of it keeping friends out of quarrels I find myself at a loss for time to spend on either. I managed to sit down yesterday and listen to 2 MP3s before my friends came over and put a halt to that. Alright, so it’s a little hard to decide which is more important for me, due to the lack of time for both, however I think if I had to pick between the two, say through a bad series of unfortunate events such as losing my eyesight or hearing, I’d prefer the loss of video/my eyesight. I’ve always viewed music and audio as an art form, and also attempt to do the same for all things video related as well. I did make time to watch 3 22 minute episodes of a TV series that I’m almost finished with. I do not have the extra time to sit back and use my Netflix for movies, so I look for things short on time or casual. Finals have of course also been hampering my time, but I hope to be able to make a few more posts to at least get the minimum of 6 posts taken care of. I do love both audio and video, and am thankful, even for the small times I am able to enjoy one or the other. I did buy a few games this month, which is related to this topic because they contain both Audio and Video, and one was even bought mostly for the Audio, with extra downloadable tracks available that I’m simply not purchasing at the present time.

Audio vs Video Round 3… Fight!

Lately I’ve been noticing that I spend less time on Audio and more on video, yet at the same time I know conciously that I’m going through what you could call Audio Withdrawal, due to my busy college schedule and lack of time to sit down and simply enjoy Audio by itself without the video stimuli. I haven’t really had the time to enjoy Video either as Homework and School for the most part have consumed my time, outside of the normal human things such as eating and sleeping, which are unrelated. I still once in awhile manage to get in some Audio+Video stimuli in the form of Xbox Video Games, for around 1-3 hours depending on the day. I realize that it’s my personal choice to not spend those hours strictly on music or strictly on video however, I believe if i were to divide the the time up between the two, I would end up unsatisfied in both categories rather then only unsatisfied in the Audio category. I feel I’m getting enough Video stimulus but not enough Audio, however, I attempt to make up for that by singing or humming to myself on the way to and from school. I use to always use my PSP as an MP3 player to listen to my music on the way to school, but I’ve begun to realize that that damages my focus, or rather the ability to hone in on the specific subject I attend once I get to school and take the class. By simply singing or humming to myself i find it easier to stop focusing on the audio that I come up with and focus on the subject at hand, whereas when I listened to my MP3s on the way to school I would get the music stuck in my head sometimes in the middle of class. I now bring my psp mostly to play a casual game between breaks. The PSP isn’t used so much for video stimuli, not to the same lengths that I use the 360 for, and I use neither lately for my Audio. When I need my Audio fix I might just sit back on my computer, if I get the time, 2 hours minimum usually, to kick back and relax. I don’t get that kind of time often so when I do get a day off from school, that I’m not spending catching up to my friends on whatever game they might be playing, I take the time to relax, soak in the music and sounds, and just chill with a snack. I can’t say which is really more important, audio or video yet, as both are pretty important to me, and it really is best to get both if possible. Sometimes whether you get both is dependant on the quality of the audio or video given.

Designing for the Mobile Web

In reading around the sites and seeing what Mobile Web Design consists of I’ve begun to realize that it’s a bit more complicated then it seems at first glance. I know coding for things can be pretty complicated, but I think once I understand the given code of a page or project, the basics in other words, I’ll get the hang of how and what I need to put on a Mobile XHTML Web Page versus what I would put on a standard HTML page. Android is easily looking to become the most popular Mobile Web platform/Operating System and as such if I were to pick one to develop a page for I would most certainly look up the coding for it, as well as the coding for IPhone browsers. I personally find Googles browsers easier to use then Macs and PCs, I even prefer Google Chrome over Firefox most of the time. I also have a mild interest in the Opera browser as I have always wanted to see it evolve into something more. I used Opera when it was in Beta and didn’t like it as much as Google Chrome, but it was still better then Internet Explorer. I think the main tools I will need are patience and knowledge, knowledge of the coding and patience in writing an informative page that can both be displayed on the Mobile Web and patience in making a seperate page for the PC users, so as not to over inform or alleviate one user or another and make them feel like they are simply getting the same information twice. Personally i can’t stand overly simplified mobile web sites, with no audio, video, or some sort of flash. Sites like Youtube Mobile are nice, and Facebook, while sites like Wal-Mart an Best-Buy, Traget, etc, those kinds of stores Mobile sites tend to attract me on a far lesser scale.


Twitter and what it’s about.

I’ve gotta say I’m not really fond of Twitter, but it is a good way to keep up with the people I have met at AiFW within the class Twitter was introduced. I think it’s a nice way to keep up with certain media when you don’t have time to be messing with large articles and want essentially play by play news on a topic you are interested in. Twitter for me is basically a mini facebook, or more business like Facebook, thanks to it’s limited amounts of characters I don’t have to see 250 word paragraphs from my friends about what they did in the last hour, at the bar, or wherever. The main professional purpose of Twitter is to be used as a way to keep socially connected, with from what I can tell the end goal of easing people away from having to use computer to more traditional ways to keep contacted, such as cell phones and tablets. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how this works out for the Twitter company as I believe people do need to be more mobile, and less standstill. It’s not very practical for say business practices when actually at the office, but that’s when the CO makes a rule of cutting off access during peoples worktime. As long as people are mature about it and find proper ways to use it it doesn’t appear to be as much of a spam search as I thought it would be. I imagined that Twitter was just another Facebook, and it kinda is Facebook simplified.